Where It All Began


Raleigh Painting is the result of two worlds colliding in the wonderful Miami, Florida. A group of friends from London, England headed to Miami Beach for a music festival, a boys trip that would be one for the books. Little did anyone but the universe know, that they were going to run into a group of girls from Toronto, Canada who were there for the same reason.raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-12

Both groups were flying back home on the Monday, so Sunday was the last day to squeeze in some fun. A last minute decision for both groups, brought them to The Raleigh Hotel for a pool party. Courtney was standing in line to get into the party behind some tall handsome guy who kept turning around, as she wondered why this weirdo kept turning around to glance but not say anything. Later that day, circumstances brought them to finally meet and talk. A very long story short, after that one day of meeting they knew they would never live a day without each other again. 6 months after meeting, Leigh moved to Canada. One month later they decided to start a company together and there came Raleigh Painting.

Almost 4 years later, not only is Raleigh Painting a complete success, but Courtney and Leigh are married and now a beautiful family of four.

So there it is, the reasoning for the name of our very special business!