This Is How We Roll

Its 2017, it’s crazy to think but it is.

I swear, painting hasn’t changed how its been done since the day the trade was created. There is nothing 2017 about it.

I mean, we are talking about a trade were the saying “its like watching paint dry” comes from.

It is not exciting.

But we are fun people. We are always looking to have a good time.

But equally as important, we are HIGHLY driven. So it is very important to us that we thrive in this space but we want to do it in a fun and different way that goes with our personalities.

We are young, we are bold, we are cheeky.

And thats why our marketing reflects that. We are continuously looking for bold, creative ways to show you who we are and why Raleigh is a company you want to hire.

So stay tuned for more of us, we won’t disappoint.