Paint It Builds for Playhouse Build & Auction

We are so excited to be participating in the Playhouse Build & Auction event happening at the Pen Centre on April 29th, 2018! The Playhouse Build & Auction event is held to raise awareness and funds to support the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre which provides a safe place to help, heal and end child abuse for Niagara’s children & youth.

The event will be held outdoors, featuring amazing food trucks like the Johnny Rocco’s Pizza Wagon, fun activities to keep the kids busy, like face painting, live entertainment and most importantly the opportunity to participate in the Playhouse Auction!

We have an amazing playhouse in the works and although we may be a tad bias, we are confident its going to steal the show! As everyone knows, Paint It prides themselves for standing out and producing high quality- expect no less from us with this project!

We hope to see you all out there, enjoying the day with your families and supporting a truly life changing cause.


When?:       Sunday April 29th 2018 11am-4pm

Where?:      Pen Centre Parking Lot

Why?:          Kid Activities, food trucks, live entertainment & to support a centre that provides a safe place to help, heal, end child abuse for Niagara’s children & youth.

SEE YOU THERE! 🙂 – Courtney & the team!

Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre


An Exciting Rebrand: PAINT IT, formerly known as “Raleigh Painting”

To Our Valued Clients and Supply Partners,

As many of you may have already observed via our social media platforms, we have recently re-branded our company.  Formerly known as “Raleigh Painting”, the new Paint It better reflects who we have become over the past 3 years.  While our closest clients and supply partners know that our company is driven by painting professionals that focus on quality, service and providing expert painting solutions to businesses and homeowners, we want to reassure you that this is still the foundation that Paint It is built on.

Why rebranding your company?  Why now?  About 6 months ago, our team sat together to simply discuss how to continue to support evolving client expectations and stand strongly with other great brands in the construction and design industries. From there, it evolved into a larger-scale examination into our company, our industry, competitors, and economy, all in an order to effectively support our client’s evolving wants.  We were excited to know that we already had provided, or had the competency to provide, what the large majority of clients wanted.  We just needed to effectively communicate that better to our partners and prospects, which is what we believe we are doing now.

I want to close by thanking all of our partners, both client and suppliers, for their continued business and support.  Without all of you, we would not have had the growth and success that we have in these short 3 years. We look forward to working together in the future and providing the same level of quality expected from us.  I welcome any input and/or feedback you may have regarding our company, please feel free to contact me if you wish.


Courtney Ellsworth


We Just Got So Much Street Cred, Yo.

We had So much fun creating our next marketing material.

Our vision for it was to stand out. Make you stop and watch. Make you wonder..

“what am I watching?”

“Who are these guys?”

I’m confident that we did that.

I’m confident that you get a glimpse into our personalities and most importantly, the quality of work we do.

I’m confident that this video shows you how much we care about our business. That we take the time to make videos like this, to prove it to you.

Stay Tuned For The Video!



This Is How We Roll

Its 2017, it’s crazy to think but it is.

I swear, painting hasn’t changed how its been done since the day the trade was created. There is nothing 2017 about it.

I mean, we are talking about a trade were the saying “its like watching paint dry” comes from.

It is not exciting.

But we are fun people. We are always looking to have a good time.

But equally as important, we are HIGHLY driven. So it is very important to us that we thrive in this space but we want to do it in a fun and different way that goes with our personalities.

We are young, we are bold, we are cheeky.

And thats why our marketing reflects that. We are continuously looking for bold, creative ways to show you who we are and why Raleigh is a company you want to hire.

So stay tuned for more of us, we won’t disappoint.


Somerset Bed & Breakfast, NOTL

Taking a look back at this stunning bed & breakfast we painted in May. We were hired to restore the beauty of the pillars and railings around the entire home.

Somerset BB ExteriorThe views from the backyard are breathtaking.

We had to bring in a lift to help reach awkward angles that a ladder just couldn’t do. We got the job done and our client was over the moon with the results and so were we!

So much so, that Leigh and Courtney decided to get married there a month later.

This home will forever hold a special place in our hearts.


Where It All Began


Raleigh Painting is the result of two worlds colliding in the wonderful Miami, Florida. A group of friends from London, England headed to Miami Beach for a music festival, a boys trip that would be one for the books. Little did anyone but the universe know, that they were going to run into a group of girls from Toronto, Canada who were there for the same reason.raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-12

Both groups were flying back home on the Monday, so Sunday was the last day to squeeze in some fun. A last minute decision for both groups, brought them to The Raleigh Hotel for a pool party. Courtney was standing in line to get into the party behind some tall handsome guy who kept turning around, as she wondered why this weirdo kept turning around to glance but not say anything. Later that day, circumstances brought them to finally meet and talk. A very long story short, after that one day of meeting they knew they would never live a day without each other again. 6 months after meeting, Leigh moved to Canada. One month later they decided to start a company together and there came Raleigh Painting.

Almost 4 years later, not only is Raleigh Painting a complete success, but Courtney and Leigh are married and now a beautiful family of four.

So there it is, the reasoning for the name of our very special business!