This cheeky guy with the accent has over 10 years experience in painting that was passed down from generations of tradesmen. He is a perfectionist who has a sharp eye for detail. You can count on Leigh to be quoting your job, project managing and even getting a bit of paint on his shirt.

Favourite Sport: Football (the English kind).


Courtney has over 8 years of operation management experience, which helps in keeping everything running smoothly. A perfectionist with extreme organization skills makes her the go to girl in the office. Handling our marketing, accounting, contracts, you name it-shes doing it.

Favourite Drink: Peach White Iced Tea with Lemonade from Starbucks. *Hint hint for your next office visit.


Dan is an old fashioned hard worker who is dedicated to getting the job done and on time. He knows what needs to be done before told and gets it done without fail. We can always count on this guy!

Favourite Pastime: Golf


Paul is a hard worker, willing to do whatever it takes to help out his team. Whether it be little tasks or the big ones, he’s always up for the job and does it right!