Our background and qualifications make us uniquely positioned to tackle the many challenges involved in painting industrial facilities. Whether it be for warehouses, production facilities, etc. each have their own needs that need to be addressed. Protecting from water damage, high temperature coatings, FDA approved coatings, epoxy coatings, etc- we can help.

Your company’s floor deserves the best service from a professional contractor that understands your business’ needs inside and out.

Coatings applied by professionals protect your business by creating a barrier against substrate damage caused by water and/or chemical seepage, as well as insulating against static electricity buildup. For best protection, it is imperative that proper prep work is done to remove existing contaminants while ensuring adhesion and the new coatings durability.

Controlling maintenance costs of machinery, warehouses and other structures is essential. Advantages of specialty coatings include the meeting of specified  structural or code requirements, superior performance and longevity, and high durability of your most vital assets.

There are a multitude of coating systems designed to meet the specific needs of any facility. Whether you need FDA Approved coatings to meet hygienic and food safety protocols; intumescent fire protective coatings to enhance the overall safety of your facility, we’ve got you covered.

Presenting the best of your business is about more than just a few coats of paint. Whether your facility is a small manufacturer or huge production facility, you need professional painting contractors to tackle the job. Painting on well-prepared surfaces with quality product, inside and out, and ensuring the best attention to details means you’ll end up with a superior finish every time.